Monday, April 23, 2012

It's good to have a true friend like her, than having a brunch of fake friend around ;

Good morning everyone ! Hello, sally's kukujiao here . Her blog soon to have spider web uhhs ! So rot and dead . She's too lazy to blog, so let me help her update awhile . This few days she was staying at home playing maple all the way . Until today, mac for breakfast with her :) Yummy ! Currently was at her house now, i'm rotting helping her to blog, yet she's sitting beside me playing her maple like shoick uhhs ~ Gonna stay at her house until 10plus then accompany her go 204 for her program . How good uhhs . Kukubird ! Must love me more okay ! :D Gonna stop here . Goodbye ! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Yeah hello guys, its been so long since i've blog (: I know no one is reading, i'm just posting cos there's nobody I can talk to right now. Yeah so how's life peeps? (: Sighh, idk what to dooo! I really dk. Okay, I'd joined back maple a few weeks ago, and i'm very happy cos i've a bunch of good friends there! Yes, good friends :D But idk what they treat me as huh. Maybe friends, goodfriends, dump or maybe substitute. Yeah, i don't know (:

Okaycan, lets startttt. I have a maple's mom, she had my account and she scammed my buddy list and guild member's mesos. Yeap, she scam a total of 1.63billion. Gahhhh! I really hate it you know. I know how it feels when you kena scam. But it hurts more when you're not the one who scam and everyone is pointing fingers at you. Right? But its my fault too. My fault for giving her my account and didn't change password. I know, I really know.

I now everyone is not viewing but what I want to say to you all which I don't dare to say it out.
James, I didn't say you're scolding me, I really didn't say it, I swear. I know its my fault, i'm sorry for not listening to you. I'm really sorry.
Stella, I know its not about the money matter, I know how it feels. Really, i'm really very sorry!

I hope we will be like last time (: Chatting happily, training happily :D etc. If it didn't come true, I will not be blaming anyone but myself (: Its me who's are the one that start everything. I didn't regret knowing you all! :3